I used to think that I wanted to write this book forever, but no, I’ve just wanted to tell this story for what seems like forever.

Last week I received my manuscript review from my book coach. She commented that the relationship between Yolanda and Sydney was one of the most authentic lesbian relationships she’d ever read and that it was the strongest part of the book.

My initial reaction was to swell with pride at her observation, happy that she “got it.” My second reaction was, Wait, this isn’t a romance novel, it’s a mystery.

That’s when I reminded myself that the story I’ve wanted to write was about a kick-as Latina lesbian private investigator who is in a healthy, loving relationship and not a broken person like so many mystery novel protagonists. Not perfect, but not broken either. Our QPOC community can really use that, especially in these times, que no? Here’s hoping you’ll join me—and Yolanda—on this journey.