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By veronica gutierrez

As You Look

A Yolanda Avila Mystery

Yolanda Avila, a Los Angeles private investigator, struggles with the intersection of grief, guilt, and latent psychic tendencies following the death of her mother. Her struggle peaks when Yolanda’s godson Joey is kidnapped and clues come to her in dreams and nightmares. Yolanda ignores the “juju,” but when someone kills the kidnapper and starts stalking her wife to warn her off the case, Yolanda must confront her emerging ability to find the murderer before they kill again. Will Yolanda listen to the juju this time, or will she insist on just the facts and risk the life of yet another loved one?


By veronica gutierrez

My Little Black Cocktail Book

A cocktail journal that beats using a cocktail napkin!

My friends ask where I learned to make the cocktails I offer at our home bar. I tell them I do “research.” Lots of research. But scribbles on a cocktail napkin don’t make for good recollection. Finally, here is a convenient, pocket-sized book with prompts to capture all the best of your favorite cocktails. Salud!